Stagger Lee is the latest incarnation in a twenty-year DJ career that started in reggae as Dubversion. Since then, I’ve been half of People’s Republic Of Disco and Randy And Earl’s Old Record Club, as well as the Perfumed Garden and Unsound crews amongst others.

I’ve DJed at gigs and clubs all over London and Newcastle and beyond (including Ireland and Italy), and played at festivals including Glastonbury, Secret Garden, Beatherder, Beautiful Days, Endorse It, Supersonic, Electric Picnic, SummerTyne Americana, Tor Ist Das?, Lost Vagueness and more and appeared on bills alongside everyone from Jerry Dammers to Andy Weatherall, Mungos Hi Fi to Richard Norris.


I’ve had internet radio shows on Basic FM and Cowbell, including specialist country, gospel and reggae shows.

These days, my tastes – in DJ terms, at least – embrace reggae and ska, all kinds of soul, rhythm & blues, country and bluegrass, gospel, funk, psych and garage, girl groups and swing and rockabilly, depending on the occasion.


If you’d be interested in booking me or getting me to put on a night, check this page.


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