Always A Star, Never A Shadow…


Last month I lost my friend Craig / Sheena / Lord Leigh Park to cancer. His loss – far too young, far too soon – is awful for his wife, his family, his friends and for Newcastle: Craig was a dynamo, a catalyst, a do-er and a go-getter, and our cultural life will be diminished as a result. Much of the social life and the cultural life I have in Newcastle I owe to him.

Craig was a staunch supporter, collaborator and fundraiser for the recently reborn Star & Shadow Cinema, so it’s only right that the inevitable, essential celebration of his life takes place there. It’s on June 2nd, and although entry is free, donations to the S&S are encouraged. I’m honoured to be playing records and there’ll be a host of other bands and DJs, including Nathalie Stern, Mush, Lady Annabella, The Mark of Kane and of course, Sheena’s old band Women In Revolt.

You should come.

Details here


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